Open Practices

Open practice – in terms of publishing research and data, open teaching i.e. MOOC’s and open participation, i.e. through social media. There are successful and growing networks of scholars that exist independently and outside formal institutional structures. Advertisements

Connectivism and Social Media (SoMe)

What are the affordances of Social Media? It seems that SoMe is a powerful tool when looking at learning from a connectivist perspective, it enables individuals to build networks in a number of ways. Blogs enable learners to follow one another, teachers and academics, responding to one another’s posts asynchronously. SoMe also enables the user … More Connectivism and Social Media (SoMe)


Connectivism is an exciting idea, it focuses on networks, both neural networks and networks of people. It is completely learner centred and recognises that individuals learn in different ways. Pattern recognition is a key underlying principle, connectivism suggests that the use of language and logic and other linguistic systems is not really representative of how … More Connectivism

First Post

Hi, I’ll be using this blog to post my thoughts and any other material related to my study of the MA:DTCE course at the UofM